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That is completely normal. The bbw phat ass ebony thing I felt was tremendous excitement. I look around the room. The next day, I wake up at 6 a. I feel a shaky, electric nervousness as I put a pen that doubles as an audio recorder into porn ebony mature sluts photos shirt pocket.

In ebony bent ass pics that day, we learn about the use of force. Tucker comes into the classroom, his black fatigues tucked into shiny black boots. Some cadets say they would write him up. Depending on where the camera is, he might would get hit. Tucker pauses to see ebony bent ass pics anyone else has a response. Tucker says we should call for backup in ebony bent ass pics confrontation. You still supposed to call for backup.

Eebony you can take him or not. Hell, if you got a problem with a midget, call me. Me and you can whup the hell out of him. Tucker points at ebony bent ass pics. He cups his hands around his mouth. They both might lose, but hey, did you do your job? Hell yeah! So if them fools i want xx big photos ebony to cut each other, well, happy cutting.

When we return from break, Mr. Tucker sets a tear gas launcher and canisters on the table. But with just this class, we could take it back. If we do not sign, he says, our training is over, which means our jobs end right here. Tucker says. The answer is yes. Five of us walk outside and stand in a row, arms linked. Tucker tests the wind with a finger eboony drops a tear gas cartridge. A white cloud of gas washes over us.

The object is to avoid panicking, staying in the same place until the gas dissipates. My throat is suddenly on fire and my eyes seal shut. I try desperately to breathe, but I can only choke. Tucker shouts ebony bent ass pics a cadet who is stumbling off blindly. I double over.

Pifs want to bet up. I hear a woman crying. My upper lip is thick with snot. When our breath starts coming back, the two women linked to me hug each other. I want to hug them too. The three of us laugh a little as tears keep pouring down our cheeks.

Our instructors advise us to carry a notebook to keep track of everything prisoners will ask ebony ssbbw moms big huge bumms porn for. I keep ebony bent ass pics in my breast pocket and jet into the bathroom periodically to jot things down.

They also encourage us to invest in a watch because when we document rule infractions it is important that we record the time precisely. A few days into training, a wristwatch arrives in the mail. One of the little knobs on its side activates a recorder. On its face there is a tiny camera lens. When we go through security, we are told to empty our pockets and remove our shoes and belts.

This is intensely nerve-wracking: I send my watch, pen, employee ID, and pocket change through the X-ray machine. I walk through the metal detector and a CO runs a wand up and down my body and pats down my chest, back, arms, and legs.

The other cadets and Ebony bent ass pics gather at a barred gate and an officer, looking at us through thick glass, turns pixs switch that opens it slowly. We pass through, and after the gate closes behind us, another opens ahead. Another gate clangs open and our ebony bent ass pics group steps onto the main outdoor artery of the prison: Yellow lines divide the pavement into three lanes.

Clustered and nervous, we cadets travel up the middle lane from the administration building as prisoners move down their designated side lanes.

I greet inmates as they pass, trying hard to appear loose and unafraid. Some say good morning. Others stop in their tracks and make a point of ebiny the female cadets up and down. At the top of the T we take a left, past the chow zss and the canteen, where inmates can buy snacks, toiletries, tobacco, music players, and batteries. The units sit along the top of the walk.

Every unit is named after a type of tree. Most are general population units, where inmates mingle in dorm-style halls and can leave for programs and chow. Cypress is the high-security segregation unit, the only one where inmates are confined to cells. In Dogwood, reserved for the best-behaved inmates, prisoners get special privileges like extra television time, and many work outside the unit in places like the metal shop, the garment factory, or the chow hall.

We enter Elm and walk onto an open, shiny cement floor. The air is slightly sweet and musty, like the clothes of a heavy smoker. Elm can house up to inmates. Separated from the floor by a locked gate, every tier is an open dormitory that houses up to 44 men, ebonh with his own narrow bed, thin mattress, and metal locker. Toward the front of each tier, there are two toilets, a trough-style ebony bent ass pics, and two sinks. There are two showers, open except for a three-foot wall separating them from the common area.


Haevy bbw ebony mama fuck are a microwave, a telephone, and a Jpay bet, where inmates pay to download songs onto their portable players and send ebojy, monitored emails for about 30 cents each. Each tier also has beny TV room, which fills up every weekday at More than half are women, many of them single moms.

But in Ash and Elm, the floor officers—who more than anyone else deal with the inmates face-to-face—are exclusively men. It is their job to conduct security checks every 30 minutes, walking up and down each tier to make sure nothing fuck booty ebony woman awry. Three times per hour shift, all movement in the prison stops bennt the floor officers count the inmates.

There are almost never more than two floor officers per general population unit. He tells the female cadets to go to the key and the male cadets to ebony bent ass pics up along the showers and toilets at the front of the tier. We put on latex gloves. The inmates are sitting on their beds. Two ceiling fans turn slowly. The room is filled with fluorescent light.

Almost every prisoner is black. A small group of inmates get up from their beds and file into the shower area. One, his body covered with tattoos, gets in the shower in front of me, asw off his shirt and shorts, and hands them to me to inspect. In one fluid motion, the man lifts his penis, opens his mouth, lifts his tongue, spins around with his ass facing me, squats, and coughs. He hands me ebony bent ass pics sandals and shows me the soles of his betn.

I hand him his clothes and he puts his shorts on, walks ebony bent ass pics me, and nods respectfully. Like a human ebony bent ass pics line, the inmates file in.

bent ass pics ebony

picw He tells nude panty booty ebonies inmate to open his hand. The inmate uncurls his finger and ebony bent ass pics a SIM card.

Christian takes it but pucs nothing. Eventually, the TV room is full of prisoners. A guard looks at them and smiles. Each of us, women included, stops at a bed. Inside a container of Vaseline, I find a one-hitter pipe made out of a pen and ask Christian what to do with it. I go through the mattress, pillow, dirty socks, and underwear.

I ebony bent ass pics through photos of kids, and of women posing seductively. I move on to new lockers: One instructor notices that Beent am carefully putting ebony bent ass pics object back where I found it and tells me to pull everything out of the lockers and leave it on the beds.

I look down the tier and see mattresses lying on the floor, papers and food dumped across beds.

ass ebony pics bent

The middle of the floor is strewn bemt contraband: USB cables refashioned ebonny phone ebony bent ass pics, tubs of butter, slices of cheese, and pills. I ppics some hamburger patties taken from the cafeteria. A guard tells me to throw them into the pile. Inmates are glued up against the TV plcs window, watching a young white cadet named Miss Stirling pick through their stuff. The attention makes her uncomfortable; she thinks the inmates are gross. He cooked meth in their toolshed and once beat her so badly he dislocated her shoulder and knee.

As we shake down the tier, a prisoner comes out of the TV room to get a better look ebony big mama pics Miss Stirling, and she yells at him to go back in. He does. Most of our training is uneventful. Some days there are no more than ebony bent ass pics hours of classes, and then we have to sit and run naked chubby ebony photos clock to 4: Few of my fellow cadets have traveled farther than benf Oklahoma.

They compare towns by ebony bent ass pics the size and quality of their Walmarts. Most are young. They eat candy during break time, write their names on the whiteboard in cutesy lettering, and talk about ebony bent ass pics ways to get high. Miss Doucet, a stocky redheaded cadet in her late 50s, thinks that if kids were made to read the Bible in school, fewer would be ebony bent ass pics prison, but she also sticks pins in a voodoo doll to mete out vengeance.

Matured ebony hairy hot anal free mobile download lives in a camper with her daughter and grandkids.

She worked at the lumber mill in Winnfield for years, but worsening asthma put an end to that. Miss Doucet and others from the class ahead of mine go to the front office to get ebony bent ass pics paychecks for their first two weeks of work. When they return, the shoulders of a young cadet are slumping. Outwardly, Miss Doucet is jovial and cocky, but she is already making mental adjustments to her dreams. The double-wide trailer she imagines her grandkids spreading out in becomes a single-wide.

At the end of one morning of doing nothing, the training coordinator tells us we can go to the gym to watch inmates graduate from trade classes. Prisoners and their families are milling around with plates of cake and cups of fruit punch. An ebony bent ass pics offers a piece of red velvet to Miss Stirling.

I stand around with Collinsworth, an year-old cadet with a chubby white baby face hidden ebony bent ass pics a brown beard and a wisp of bangs. When he came to Winnfield to help out with ebony bent ass pics, this was the first job he could get. Once, Collinsworth was nearly kicked out of class after he jokingly threatened to stab Mr.

Tucker with a plastic training knife. As Collinsworth and I stand around, inmates gather to look at our watches. Ebony bent ass pics, wearing a cocked gray beanie, asks to buy them. I refuse outright. Collinsworth dithers. You straight with that? The inmate says guards turn a blind eye to it. You might as well go with the flow.

Get this free-ass, easy-ass money, and go home. I know a dude still rolling. Another lifts ebony bent ass pics podium over his head and runs with it across the gym.

The coach shouts, bemt, as prisoners scramble around. Inmates run this bitch, son. Zss week later, Mr. Tucker tells us to come in early to do shakedowns. The sky is barely lit as I stand on the walk at 6: Collinsworth tells us another prisoner offered to buy his watch. The inmate declined. They got it on cards. Little money cards and shit. Collinsworth jumps up and down. Hell yeah. And I will not report it.

Officially, inmates are only allowed to keep money in special prison-operated accounts that can be used at the canteen. Their families can also deposit money in the accounts. The prepaid cash cards Willis is referring to are called Green Dots, and they are the currency of the illicit prison economy. Connections on the outside buy them online, then pass on sexy ebony boobs pics account numbers in encoded messages through the mail or during visits.

pics ass ebony bent

Inmates with contraband cellphones can do all these transactions themselves, buying the cards and handing out strips of paper as payments for drugs or phones or whatever else. Miss Stirling divulges that an inmate gave her the digits of a money card as a Christmas gift. I need a new MK bbw ebony hairy. I need a new purse. I need some new jeans. I just keep it in the open.

Tucker tells us to follow him. We shake down tiers all morning. By the time we finish at 11, everyone is exhausted. Christian pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and reads off a string of numbers in a show-offy way. Christian hands the slip of ebony bent ass pics to one of the cadets, a middle-aged white woman. The metal door clicks open and we enter to ebony bent ass pics cacophony of shouting and pounding on metal.

An alarm is sounding and the air smells strongly of smoke. On one wall is a mural of a prison nestled among dark mountains and shrouded in storm clouds, lightning striking the guard towers and an enormous, screeching bald ebony bent ass pics descending with a giant pair of handcuffs in its talons. Toward the end of a long hall of cells, an officer in a black SWAT-style uniform stands ebony pussy pics with big lips with a ebony bent ass pics gun.

Another man in black is pulling burnt parts of a mattress out of a cell.

pics ass ebony bent

Cypress can hold up to inmates; most of the eight-by-eight-foot cells have two prisoners in them. The cells look like tombs; men ebony bent ass pics in their bunks, wrapped in blankets, staring at ebony bent ass pics walls. Many are lit only by the light chubby moms ebony pics the hallway.

In one, an inmate is washing his clothes in his toilet. He grips my hand. SORT teams are trained to suppress riots, rescue hostages, extract inmates from their cells, and neutralize violent prisoners. I get a whiff of feces that quickly becomes overpowering. On one of the tiers, a brown liquid oozes out of a african ebony homemade pornpics on the floor. Food, wads bfnt paper, and garbage are all over the ground.

I spot a Coke can, charred black, with a piece of cloth sticking out picss it like a fuse. No rec time. We just sit in our cells all day. What else are we going to do? Ebony bent ass pics know how we get these officers to respect us? Either that or throw them to the floor. Then they respect us. I ask one of the regular white-shirted COs what an average day in seg looks like.

bent ass pics ebony

They are ebony bent ass pics to walk up and down ebony bent ass pics eight tiers every 30 minutes to check on the inmates, but he says they never do that. CCA pocs it had no knowledge of guards at Winn skipping security checks before I inquired african xxl ebony pics it.

Collinsworth is walking around with a big smile on his face. The sound explodes down the cement hallway. Collinsworth and the CO he is shadowing move another inmate from his cell. The inmate tries to walk ahead as the CO holds him. I take a few inmates out of their cells, too, walking each one fbony hundred feet or so to disciplinary court with my hand around one of his elbows. One pulls against my grip. A SORT officer rushes over eboyn grabs him.

pics ass ebony bent

My heart races. Mother Jones is a nonprofit. Your support allows us to go where others in the media do not: Make a tax-deductible monthly or one-time gift. One of the white-shirted officers takes me aside. If he keeps going, we are authorized to knee him in the back of the leg and drop him to the concrete. Inmates shout at me as I walk back down the tier. I like them ebony bbw ladies fuck galleries in your ears, CO.

Come in here with me. Give me that booty! At lunchtime, Ebony bent ass pics, Reynolds, and I ebony bent ass pics back to the training room. Make a tax-deductible donation today.

My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones Investigation

Prison Experiments. That we are scraping the ebony bent ass pics of the barrel. Correct answer: Hutto recalls how the pair quickly converted a Houston motel into a detention center: I actually took their pictures and fingerprinted them.

There is much about the history of CCA the video does not teach. The ebonyhornypussy of privatizing prisons originated in the early s bejt Beasley and fellow businessman Doctor Robert Crants.

You are here

The year after Hutto joined CCA, he became the head of the American Correctional Association, the largest prison association in the world. To Beasley, the former chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, the business of private prisons was ebony bent ass pics Beasley and Crants ran the business a lot like a hotel chain, charging the government a daily aws for each inmate.

The s were a good time to get into the incarceration business. The prison population was skyrocketing, the drug war was heating up, the length of sentences was increasing, ebnt states ebony bent ass pics starting to bentt that prisoners serve at least 85 percent of their terms.

Prisons in many states were filled beyond capacity. The bid was unsuccessful, but it planted an idea in the minds of politicians across the country: They could outsource prison management and save money in the process. Privatization also gave states a way to quickly expand their prison systems without taking on new debt. In the perfect marriage of fiscal and tough-on-crime conservatism, the companies would fund and construct new lockups while the courts would keep them full.

Today, it runs more than 60 facilities, from state prisons and jails to federal immigration detention centers. All together, CCA houses at least 66, inmates at any given time. Whatever taxpayer money Pice receives has to cover the cost ebont housing, feeding, and eboby inmates. Two-thirds of ebkny private-prison contracts recently reviewed by the anti-privatization group In the Public Interest had these prisoner quotas. The main argument in favor of private prisons—that they save taxpayers money—remains controversial.

One study estimated that private prisons cost 15 percent less than public ones; another found that public prisons were picss percent cheaper. The pressure to squeeze the most out of every penny at Winn seems evident not only in our paychecks, but in decisions that keep staffing and staff-intensive programming for inmates at the barest of levels.

Two ebony bent ass pics after I start training, Chase Cortez his real name decides he has had enough of Winn. But in the middle of a cool, sunny December day, he climbs onto the roof of Birch unit. He lies down and waits for the patrol vehicle to pass along the perimeter. Now, a single CO watches the video feeds from at least 30 cameras.

Cortez sees the patrol van pass, jumps down from the back side of the building, climbs the ebony bent ass pics perimeter fence, and then makes a run for the forest. He fumbles through the dense foliage until he spots bsnt white pickup truck left by a hunter. Ebony bent ass pics picd him, it is unlocked, with the key in the ignition. In the control room, an alarm sounds, indicating that someone has touched the ebony big ass fucked pictures fence, a possible sign of a perimeter breach.

The officer reaches over, switches the alarm off, and goes back to whatever she was doing. She notices nothing on the video screen, and she does not review the footage.

Hours aes before the staff realizes someone is missing. Some guards tell me it was an inmate ebonny finally brought the escape to ebony bent ass pics attention. Cortez is caught that ebony bent ass pics after the sheriff chases him and he crashes the truck into a fence.

When I come in the next morning, the prison is on lockdown. Staff are worried CCA is going to lose its contract with Louisiana. Thick ebony shemale fuck mature pussy said nothing publicly about the escape; I heard about it from ebony bent ass pics who had investigated the incident or been briefed by the warden.

pics ebony bent ass

Later that day, Reynolds and I bring food to Cypress, the sex ebony moms n son image xx unit. A naked man is shouting frantically for food, mercilessly slapping ebony bent ass pics plexiglass at the front of his cell. In the cell next to him, a small, wiry man is squatting on the floor in his underwear. His arms and face are scraped with little cuts. A guard tells me to watch him.

It is Cortez. I offer him a packet of Kool-Aid in a foam cup. He says thank you, then ebony bent ass pics if I will put water in it. There is no water in his cell. When inmates are written up for breaking bbent rules, they are sent to inmate court, which is held in a room in the corner of Cypress unit.

One day, our class files into the small room to watch the hearings. Miss Lawson, the assistant chief of security, is acting as the judge, sitting at a desk in azs of a mural of the scales of ebony bent ass pics.

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This is not ebony bent ass pics court of law, although it issues punishments for felonies such as assault and attempted murder. An inmate who stabs another may end up facing new criminal charges.

Ebony bent ass pics may be transferred, yet prisoners and guards say inmates who stab others typically are not shipped to a higher-security prison. According to oics DOC, Winn inmates charged with oics rule violations are found guilty at least 96 percent of the time. The inmate counsel represents other inmates in the internal ebony white pussy pics process.

Every year, he is taken to a state-run prison for intensive training. Miss Lawson later tells me that inmate counsel never really influences her decisions.

Ebony bent ass pics absent inmate is accused of coming too close to the main entrance. Trahan is asx guilty. He is being considered for release from segregation. What ebny he say? The next inmate, an orderly ebony indian big pussy Cypress, enters. He is charged with being in an unauthorized area because he took a broom to sweep the bdnt during rec time, which is not the authorized time to sweep the tier.

He starts to explain that a CO gave him permission. Benh Ebony bent ass pics cuts him off. Fuck ebony bent ass pics The majority of the staff, Miss Blanchard ebony bent ass pics, are gold—dutiful, punctual people who value rules.

My results show that green is my dominant color analytical, curious and orange is my secondary free and spontaneous. Green is a rare personality ebony bent ass pics at Winn. The company that markets the test claims that people who retake it get benf same results 94 percent of the time. But Miss Blanchard says that after working here awhile, people often ipcs their colors have shifted. Gold traits tend to become more dominant. Studies have shown that personalities can change dramatically bbwfuckedebony people find themselves in prison environments.

Some became sadistic, forcing the prisoners to sleep on concrete, sing and dance, defecate into buckets, and strip naked. The situation became so extreme that the two-week ebony bent ass pics was cut short after just six days. The question the study posed still lingers: One day during our third week of training I am assigned to work in the chow hall. My job is to tell the inmates where to sit, filling up one row ebony bent ass pics tables at a time.

We just learned that in class. Inmates file through the chow line and I point them to their tables. One man sits at the table next to the one I directed him to. The supervisor is watching. Hundreds of inmates can see me. I get the muscle-bound captain, who comes and tells the inmate to do what I say. The inmate gets up and sits at ebony bent ass pics third table. Project confidence. Project power. I tell inmates to take off their hats as they enter.

They listen to me, and a part of me likes that. For the first time, for just a moment, I pixs that I am a journalist. I watch for guys sitting with their friends rather than where they are told to.

I scan the room for pjcs sneaking back in line for more food. I ads inmates to get up and leave while they are still eating. I look closely to make sure no one has an extra cup of Kool-Aid. Out in the back of the prison, not far from where Chase Cortez hopped the fence, there is a barn. Miss Blanchard, another cadet, and I step inside the barn office. Country bfnt is playing on the radio. Halters, leashes, and ;ics hang on the walls.

Three heavyset white COs are inside. They ebont not like surprise visits. One spits into a garbage can. The men and their inmate trusties take care of a small herd of horses and three egony of bloodhounds.

The COs used to mount them with shotguns and oversee hundreds of ebony bent ass pics who left the compound every day to tend the grounds.

The shotguns had to be put to use when, occasionally, an inmate tried to run for it. We can always get another fbony, though. Prisoners and officers alike talk nostalgically about the time when the men sas their days working outside, coming back gent their dorms drained of restless energy and aggression.

The work program was dropped around the same time that guards were taken out of the towers. Many vocational programs at Winn have been evony. The hobby shops have become storage units; access to the law library is limited. The big recreation yard sits empty most of the time: We did! He pussy eater ebony rough free pic porn sulks a little: Do it the right way.

Ebony bent ass pics we step inside the kennel, the bloodhounds bay and howl. Gary kicks the door of one cage and a dog lunges at his foot. There is a red hole under ebony bent ass pics chin and a gash down his throat. He might walk back here two miles.

He holds up the picture of the guy with the throat bite. We are standing around outside; most cadets are smoking cigarettes. He wears a baseball cap low over his eyes.

We got something-plus facilities. If they not making no money at Winn Correctional Center, guess what? Kenny is detached and cool. There are rules, and they are meant to be followed.

This goes both ways: When he has any say, he makes sure inmates get what they are entitled to. He prides himself on his fairness. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. Still, we must never photos of african mature ebony pussy mamas inmates forget their place.

They real educated. Kenny makes me nervous. He notices that I am the only one in class who takes notes. One day, he tells us that he sits on ebony bent ass pics hiring committee.

He then glances at me.

bent pics ebony ass

I know what your name is. I chuckle nervously. He has to know. I test my staff to test their loyalty. I report to the warden about what I see.

Over Christmas week, I am stationed in the mail room with a couple of other cadets ebony bent ass pics process the deluge of holiday letters. The woman in charge, Miss Roberts, demonstrates our task: Slice the top of each envelope, cut the back off and throw it in the trash, cut the postage off the front, staple what remains to the letter, and stamp it: I presume this is for the same reason we remove stamps; crayon could be a vehicle for drugs.

There are so many letters from children—little hands outlined, little stockings glued to the inside of cards—that we rip out and throw in the trash. I love ebony bent ass pics and miss you so much daddy, but we are doing good. Rick Jr. He gets into everything. I have not forgot you daddy. I love you. Around the mail room, there are bulletins posted of things to look out for: There are also titles on the list about black history and culture, like Huey: She is familiar with many of the correspondents from reading about the intimate details of their big sexy ebony photos. I ebony bent ass pics like a voyeur, but the letters draw me in.

I am surprised at how many are from former inmates with lovers ebony bent ass pics at Winn. Baby my heart is broken and I am so unhappy. In order to get my bed every night I have to check in before 4pm. After that you lose your bed so the program is designed to keep you homeless. I bet that this is a sad letter. I wish that I had good news. I hate it here everything reminds me of you. I miss u dammit! It terrifies me the thought of ever losing you.

Ebony bent ass pics lived. This note and its list of pills haunt me all weekend. What if no one else knows this woman tried to commit suicide? I decide I need to tell Miss Roberts, but when I return ebony bent ass pics work, I sit in ebony hairy girls parking lot and have a hard ebony bent ass pics summoning the courage.

After I pass through the scanner, I see her. All right. We can go after stories that no one else will, thanks to our donors. Underwrite our reporting with a tax-deductible monthly or one-time gift.

We can go after stories that no one else will, thanks to readers like you. Underwrite our reporting with a tax-deductible gift. After Christmas, we take our final test. It is intimidating. Ninety-two questions ask us about the chain of command, the use-of-force policy, what to do if we are taken hostage, how to spot a suicidal inmate, the proper way to put on leg irons, the color designation for various chemical agents.

Ebony naked mature girls a third of the trainees I started with have already quit. Reynolds is gone. Collinsworth goes to Ash on the night shift. Willis works the night shift too; he will be fired after ebony bent ass pics leaves the prison suddenly one day and a bunch of cellphones are found at his post. Miss Stirling gets stationed in Birch on the ebony bent ass pics shift.

ebony bent ass pics Two and a half months from now, she will be escorted from the prison for smuggling contraband and writing love letters bbw naked ebony an inmate. The captain tells an officer to take me to Elm. We move slowly down the walk. He spits some tobacco through the fence. Research shows that corrections officers experience above-average rates of job-related stress and burnout. COs commit suicide two and a half times more often than the xxxebony bigpussy pic at large.

They also have shorter life spans. A recent study of Florida ebony bent ass pics guards and law enforcement officers found that they ebony bent ass pics 12 years earlier than the general population; one suggested cause was job-related stress. The walk is eerily quiet. Ebony bent ass pics caw, fog hangs low over the basketball courts.

The prison is locked down. Programs have been canceled. With the exception of kitchen workers, none of the inmates can leave their dorms. CCA says Winn was never put on lockdown due to staffing ebony fuck stories. The unit manager tells me to shadow one of the two floor officers, a burly white Marine veteran. His name is Jefferson, and as we walk the floor an inmate asks him what the lockdown is about.

The first two words out of my mouth: If the captain rejects it, they can appeal to the warden. If the ebony bent ass pics rejects it, they can appeal to the Department of Corrections. I know what them sonsabitches do down there: I do a couple of laps around the unit floor and then see Jefferson leaning against the threshold of an open tier door, chatting with a prisoner. I hd porn ebony girls pics over to them.

You seen what the sign say when you first come in the gate? There is a pause. Jefferson titters. What they do after the lights are out? The unit manager is a black woman who is so large she has trouble walking. She is brought in every morning in a wheelchair pushed by an inmate.

Her name is Miss Price, but inmates call her The Dragon. Prisoners relate to her like an ebony bent ass pics mother, afraid to anger her and eager to win her affection.

ass ebony pics bent

She got out of her wheelchair, grabbed him by the neck, threw him up against the wall. In the middle of pids morning, Miss Price tells us to shake down the common areas. I follow one of the two COs into a tier and we do perfunctory searches of the TV room and tables, feeling under the ledges, flipping through ebony bent ass pics few books. I bend over and feel around under a water fountain.

My hand ebony bent ass pics on something loose. I get on my knees to look. My job, of course, is to take it, but by now I know that being a guard is only partially ebony bent ass pics enforcing the rules.

A prisoner is watching me. If I leave the phone, everyone on the tier will know. But if I take it, I will show my superiors I am doing my job. I will alleviate some of the suspicion they have of every new hire. Two and a half are gonna be dirty.

Miss Price is thrilled. The captain calls the zss to congratulate me. When I do count later, each inmate picx that tier stares at ebony bent ass pics with ebony bent ass pics meanest look. Some ase toward me threateningly as I pass.

He smiles. When you start working those hour shifts, you will see. He racks the balls on the pool table and tells me about a nurse who gave a penicillin shot to an inmate who was allergic to the medicine and died. They had to airlift him out of there. He breaks and sinks a stripe. On my first ebony pussy wide open gallary day as a CO, I am stationed on suicide watch in Cypress.

In the entire prison of more than 1, inmates, there are no full-time psychiatrists pictures of big ebony dick just one full-time fbony worker: Miss Carter. In class, she told us that a third of the inmates have mental health problems, 10 percent have severe mental health issues, and roughly a quarter have IQs under She said most prison mental health departments in Louisiana have at least three picss social workers.

Angola has at least Here, there are few options for inmates with mental health needs. They can try to get an appointment as the part-time psychiatrist or the part-time psychologist, ebojy are spread even thinner.

ass pics bent ebony

Another option ebony bent ass pics to ask for suicide watch. A CO sits across from the two official suicide watch cells, which are small and dimly lit and have plexiglass over picw front. My job is ebony mom pic sit across from two ebony bent ass pics segregation cells being used for suicide watch overflow, observe the two inmates inside, and log their behavior every 15 minutes.

And truth be known, we do pencil-whip it. Add by That looks pretty come oics time. Other than the blanket, ebony bent ass pics is naked, his bare feet on the concrete. There is nothing else allowed in his cell other than some toilet paper. No books. Nothing to occupy his mind.

They also get worse food. Nowhere else does a single guard oversee one or two inmates. If more than two inmates are on constant watch for more than 48 hours, the prison has to ask the regional corporate office for permission to continue, Miss Carter big cock ebony sex pics us.

CCA says this is inaccurate. Sometimes the regional office says no, she says, and the prisoners are put back on the tiers or in seg. I look over to the cell to the right and see Skeen sitting on his metal bed, staring at me and masturbating under his suicide blanket.

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He starts singing and dancing in his cell. I have about a hundred write-ups. Someone down the tier calls for me. He has a wild look in his eyes and ebony bent ass pics speaks intensely, but quietly. With ehony inmates on suicide watch, we are already over capacity. I get ebony models pics xxx the bed, jump off that mothafucker headfirst. When I tell the key officer, she rolls her eyes.

The CO sitting directly across from him twiddles his thumbs and gazes ahead blankly. In the neighboring cell, Skeen is staring at me, completely naked, masturbating vigorously. I tell him to stop. He gets up, comes to betn bars, and strokes himself five feet in front of me.

For an hour, I stare at a cup on the floor and study the blotches in the concrete. A few hours later, a SORT officer walks a cuffed man ebony bent ass pics the tier. He was ebony bent ass pics after punching my old instructor Kenny in the face as Kenny sat in his office doing paperwork. Kenny is gone for days, recovering from his busted nose. The message his assailant sent was clear: Keep your hands off our phones.

Now I work there, hot pussy ebony big ass milf the floor, almost every day. I immediately try to smooth over the phone thing with the inmates. In some units and on some shifts, the pairing of floor officers changes day to day, but for whatever reason Bacle and I become a regular pair.

ass pics bent ebony

He has allowed me to use his real name. One inmate asks ebony bent ass pics for his Social Security number every day just to set him off. But he hates the company too. He counts the days until his Social Security kicks ebony milf hairy pussy and he no longer needs to work here to supplement his retirement checks from the Coast Guard. Every day, I come to know him more and more.

He is a reader of old westerns and an aficionado of Civil War reenactments. Once, he bought her a handmade saddle for her toy unicorns. We are still fat, dumb, ebony bent ass pics happy over it!

Bacle becomes a teacher of sorts. Mostly, he is referring to the orderlies, ebony bent ass pics prisoners selected for special roles inside each unit. Without the orderlies, the prison would not function. Each unit has a key orderly, whose job is to keep the key clean and pack up the property of any prisoner sent to seg. Tier orderlies, floor orderlies, yard orderlies, walk orderlies, and gym orderlies keep the prison clean.

Justin Vernon premiered new material at a concert last weekend, and before you knew it he was unveiling a new website with some of those new songs for your home-listening pleasure. Three years later and the boys are back to kickoff the start of summer with a batch of fresh tunes that make you feel alive. While I never want them to depart for that long again, I fully respect their process.

Her latest solo single is eight and a half minutes of sneaky, brilliant house music—the type of tricky bliss that Vladislav Delay once achieved on ebony bent ass pics classic Luomo record Vocalcity, only these grooves come from frequent Murphy collaborator Crooked Man. Listen to this in the dark — or anywhere else, really.

pics ebony bent ass

Justice for Witness! Is there anything that needs to be said other than my heart is full? This is quite possibly the best way to kick off Pride. Sound like ebony bent ass pics lot? Well the chorus is contagious, so watch out. It was too much when Sleater-Kinney posted a photo of the three of them with St. Vincent at the start of the year, but it was also welcome. Vincent had since continued to become one of the most versatile ebony bent ass pics vital gifts in bdnt rock.

It also created a palpable homemade ebony gif for what such a collaboration might sound pcis.

ass ebony pics bent

Well, it sounds like an angular guitar battlefield in which nobody crosses the desires of the women instigating this party. What an invitation. Ready for a hot take? Here goes: Call me crazy, but over the past five years the Voidz have gone from brown-sound annoyance to one of the most interesting rock bands going right now. Callinan, it sounds a little like house music, and features liberal amounts of Auto-Tune.

Yup, sounds about right. Swim Deep are a once NME-championed band from the early ebony bent ass pics London indie scene; they came from Birmingham with enormous ebony bent ass pics ebony rape pics even bigger hearts, were signed to a major label, and became the alternative equivalent of a boy band.

The music was always good, but somehow as the music got better, the band found themselves in more perilous situations.

Some lineup shifts and life struggles later, front man Austin Williams, bassist Cavan McCarthy, and keys man James Balmont now return with new players. Burial back! New music from William Bevan — one of the most influential dance producers of the last 20 years, full stop — is always cause for celebration, and the heads surely salivated this week at the announcement of a new two-tracker out next month from his longtime label home Hyperdub. His dusty, decayed approach to U. Cue the King Princess drop-your-debut-album challenge.

The boy ebony bent ass pics fuck around and make a hit in his sleep. The Puth co-wrote and co-produced the thing! The Compton-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist known for his work as a member of the Internet ebony bent ass pics unleashed his debut album Apollo XXI today, and the hype has not been unwarranted.

Very wow, very melodic, and so cool I wonder if I qualify enough to listen to it. Certain moments vibe much ebony bent ass pics than others.

In other words, another curveball from Clairo, and undoubtedly not the last, either. This single smashes so hard, I want it to come on every time I step out on a rooftop. I was a philosophy major. Dystopian, but make it disco. I am still longing and seeking something more. Who I am is not a place at which I can arrive. On FeverMegan Thee Stallion bounces between freaky and greedy, rapping about doing hood-rat shit with her friends, going to Pappadeaux real ones knowand ignoring every man until they start talking about having sex with her.

Lot to unpack here, so pull up a chair. Maluma ft. The song combines the infectious energy that has catapulted both Ozuna and Maluma to the global stage breast pictures ebony teenporno the past year. The new project will be at the top of your feel-good New York summer playlist: Ebony big boob and big ass big dick fuck image I pulled that comparison from goes beyond my own understanding, but I said what I said!

Summer is right around the corner and this album will have been worth the wait whenever the Canadian trio is ready to share it with us. The ability to connect with a live audience is what distinguishes great from good performers. Plucked from her retail gig after a stint playing on the streets of Byron Bay made closeup ebony vagin an overnight sensationTones and I delivered her second single earlier this week.

Not exactly a ebony bent ass pics sentiment ebony bent ass pics an indie bop for fans of the Cranberries and, naturally, the Pogues. The D. Ari knows what she wants, and just wants you to stay a little longer. This allegedly off-the-dome take is impressive even when taken in devoid of context, with surprisingly airy fingersnaps and a sunken-sounding piano backing her ebony bent ass pics profane and emotionally raw vocal take.

Fuckboys are everywhere. Us girls can be fuckboys too. In fact, many of us wear the badge proudly. The LA-based New Yorker is using her platform for great things: The first album Lee produced after recovering from the incredibly rare brain disease Moyamoya, Lune Rouge is a compilation of melancholic vocals lifted by frenetic beats. In the months following her surgery, Lee experienced the temporary derailment of her music career.

Lo-fi, high impact. Once again, Crumb drenches us with another psych-jazz bomb that melts your mind into a puddle of mush. Is anyone else craving the gentle embrace of summertime sadness paired with the warmth of sunshine, or is ebony bent ass pics just me?

Her breakout album Goddess is full of gut-wrenching lines coated with syrupy vocals. If your eyes have not been blessed by this clip yet, please behold 4-year-old Zahara Noel turning all the way up to this song.

Bbw massive labia fucked homemade did not care about this song before I watched this child do her thing to ebony bent ass pics.

Bop goes my heart! What exactly are Bleached cooking up with their new album? Kindness ft.

pics ebony bent ass

Is plumpy ebony rocking dick a more millennial sentiment than flat-out blanket refusal? I, too, would prefer to keep things minimal in my adult life — why make ebonh complicated for no reason? Also, who even likes going to the club past the age of 22? Mmm, whatcha say … Even without the memes that ebony bent ass pics reverberated through cyberspace since its fateful sync on Ebony bent ass pics O.

Color me ppics. Lizzo gets a lot of praise and, suddenly, now more and more flak for her very specific branding of self-love. For Lizzo, loving herself is what keeps her alive and fulfilled. Vulnerability has never sounded so powerful, I am shaken to the fucking core. Truly worth the wait. So rarely do artists let us see their raw emotions in ebonj time, when the wounds are still fresh, exposed, and hemorrhaging.

Neither version is superior to the other. It sounds more like a stripped-down New Order disco banger than it does any of her prior influences or ebony bent ass pics bedfellows.

ass pics bent ebony

ebonyporn pic Via an irresistible mid-song breakdown, Hackman makes way for a multilayered vocal on the final chorus and some deeply satisfying guitar shredding.

Her state of confusion and bewilderment egony the lyrics creates a sense of giving zero fucks about taking risks for the future. Our parents pass on their genes to us, and ebony bent ass pics turn, their peculiarities.

With her lullaby vocals and introspective musings, Dacus tells her own tale while transporting the listener to their own ebony bent ass pics.

bent ass pics ebony

She delivers her lyrics slowly, purposefully, over simple guitar harmonies. Of all the wonderful hip-hop and indie-rock acts to ebony bent ass pics come out of Philadelphia in the ebony bent ass pics few years, Mannequin Pussy which falls under the indie-rock category is one of the most tragically underappreciated.

Asz were all thinking, Who does this guy think he is? I thought that the peach would have peaked by now with Call Me by Your Name running its course and all, but it still seems to be in its prime. A brand-new benr to Columbia in the U.

Delicate and self-assured. Ives crafts poptronic music with an bentt flare from her bedroom in Queens. Brooklyn-born Ives is emblematic of a new kind of triple threat: Music production is a egony male-dominated industry. There picw an addictive eclecticism to her sound. Unsurprisingly, she quotes a range of influence, from Eboy. Hit play and coast. But one thing still confounds me: Madonna ft. You wonder what motivates Madonna after a bout of recently less-than-desirably-met LPs.

In the s, she was riding the electro-clash trend. Mark Ronson, creative companion to the likes of megastars like Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars, is no sidekick. Though his collaborators often receive more notoriety from ebony bent ass pics vocals, Ronson ebony bent ass pics paramount in the production world. Ronson has been teasing hits from his fifth studio ebony bent ass pics all year, but his collaboration with underground bedroom-pop sensation Lykke Li feels different.

It leans into discotheque and away from pop tropes. The sparse beat creates maximum feels. Paak ft. Paak has gifted us a new catchphrase. The California native made waves ebnt week, from Indio to the internet. Last Friday, he dropped his latest album, Venturabefore taking the main stage at Coachella to play one of the coveted dusk sets. Paak released Oxnardan album that polarized fans and critics alike. Over a high-energy beat.

Paak incorporates a seductive playfulness into the lyrics. Paak is ebony big moms asses pic from reaching his peak.

pics ebony bent ass

A lot of what this song does with voice hits me right: The bass tone sounds like you could wring a full glass of orange juice out of it.

This girl is begging to be featured in all of your hipster music videos. Look for it. Lungbutter weighs down their noise rock with the sense that time is running out, that they could be cut off at any second.

Once again, Steve Lacy just gets it. Now, give us the debut album! When you think of original, witty, relatable, consistently on-point songwriters of the past decade, the Perth-dwelling Barnett is the first that springs to mind. Is anyone else on the kind of run Uzi is right now?

Kaytranada ft. Jazzy psycho-pop is exactly what the doctor ordered for me this week when I was feeling low and needed a major pick-me-up. Crumb is a Brooklyn-based four-piece band that reminds me of the music that my buds from Boise, Idaho, make — which is meant as a huuuuuge xxx wide hips ebony pictoa. Their debut album Jinx drops on June 14, and I can only imagine that the other nine tracks are just as promising as this standout single.

Fabulously named Australian punks Amyl and the Sniffers are developing a rampant live reputation with every town they rock in ebony bent ass pics the ebony bent ass pics, particularly following SXSW. Front person Amy Taylor sports a mullet and performs with a dangerous cheek — she has to be seen to be believed.

It whispers come hither from the shore. Lil Nas X ebony bent ass pics. I was today years ebony bent ass pics when I became a country-rap-music stan.

ass ebony pics bent

TikTok savant Lil Nas collaborated with our old friend Robby Ray Stewart to make the best country-rap ppics that ever existed. Forget trap music, I want to stand atop a tractor and belt this remix till the cows come home.

Most importantly, do we think Ebony bent ass pics Cyrus actually has a bad Fendi sports bras habit? Ariana Grande is never not working. Even her losses are a Goddamned win.

It feels familiar and new, like seeing the sun rise and marveling at the uniqueness of another day. Stevie Nicks. Janet Jackson. Robert Smith. David Byrne. But whatever. I can be a cynic ebony chut pic. This was really fun! Name ebony bent ass pics another setting — besides the rare fundraiser — that gives this many legends the opportunity to cross-pollinate and rock out for a few minutes, just because they can! Would relive again.

The forthcoming seventh album from Hot Chip is called A Bathful of Ecstasywhich is a great descriptor for how I ebony bent ass pics about house music. House music has taken on a new role for me in the past 18 months. On January 1,I decided I was going to stop drinking.

Since then I have sought healthier avenues for release, ways to access the tips of my neurons and the flush in my cheeks and the flurry in my chest without making a tit of myself. House music can be sustenance, and Hot Chip have become masters of the craft.

ass pics bent ebony

Khalid ft. Not at all! They must … just be super busy, right? The latest taste from Here Comes the Cowboy is simple and wistful, a ebnt bent guitar line slithering between his voice, brushed drums, and a simple strum. The lyrical sentiment is all in the title, really ebony bent ass pics sometimes, things are just simple that way.

Her latest single is a delicious slice of dream-pop that big sexy mature nigerian women ass fuck clips the gradual unraveling you go through after a break up.

There is a genre-bending quality to their music I find irresistible NPR agrees. Please forward to my future romantic prospects. Go forth, bury me! Lion Babe is back with an ebony bent ass pics brimming with slow jamz. Layering sultry vocals over a tribal beat in Solange fashionvocalist Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman find their groove with Cosmic Windtheir track album released earlier this week.

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